Open a Dispensary in Ohio

Summary of Marijuana Laws

On June 9, 2016, Ohio Governor Kasich signed HB 523 into law, authorizing the creation of a new medical marijuana framework in Ohio. The Ohio Board of Commerce and Board of Pharmacy accepted applications in 2017, awarded provisional medical marijuana cultivator licenses in November 2017, provisional medical marijuana dispensary licenses in June 2018, and initial provisional medical marijuana processor licenses in August 2018 with more forthcoming. Due to delays in licensing, the program will not be available for patients in time for the original legislated date of September 8, 2018.


Green Rush Consulting prepared a winning application on behalf of a Level I medical marijuana cultivator.


No applications are being accepted at this time.


Marijuana Business Daily forecasts the Ohio medical marijuana market to be $200-400 million at maturity. The state conservatively estimates a patient population of about 120,000, or 1% of the state’s population.


The medical marijuana program in Ohio includes:


  • Medical marijuana cultivators
  • Medical marijuana processors (extraction and manufacturing)
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries


Content updated August 3, 2018.