Open a Dispensary in Minnesota

Summary of Marijuana Laws

On May 29, 2014, Minnesota signed medical cannabis legislation SF2470 into law, authorizing the creation of a medical marijuana program. After a competitive license application process, Minnesota awarded licenses to two medical marijuana manufacturers, responsible for cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution throughout the state.


As of July 2018, Minnesota has 11,250 qualifying patients with active registry enrollment and 1250 physicians registered to recommend medical marijuana. Although the program continues to see a growth in patients, both medical marijuana manufacturers and patients have struggled: the program has high costs for patients to maintain registration status in addition to the costs of medication; and as of 2017, the licensed medical marijuana manufacturers reported losses of over $11M.


The medical cannabis program in Minnesota is built around medical cannabis manufacturers, each of which is responsible for cultivation, manufacturing, and establishing four distribution centers, allocated such that there is one in each of Minnesota’s Congressional districts.


Content updated July 30, 2018.