Open a Dispensary in Florida

Summary of Marijuana Laws

Licensed medical marijuana treatment centers are authorized to cultivate, process and dispense medical marijuana. There are 28 such licensed locations throughout the state–roughly one for every 3,000 patients, according to Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use. In May 2018, the Florida Department of Health filed a proposed rule to expand the application process to register additional medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTC).


Although applications for additional MMTCs are not being accepted at the moment, the proposed rules and incorporated forms are currently available online.


The medical marijuana market in Florida is on pace to be valued at $110 million by the close of 2018. This value is expected to grow to $750 million by 2020. There is, however, a geographical discrepancy that affects Florida’s medical marijuana patients: most dispensaries are clustered in coastal areas or densely populated cities, which are difficult to access from more rural counties.


According to the Florida Department of Health, while over 100,000 patients have registered for medical marijuana licenses, there are only 1,583 physicians in the state database qualified to issue certification to qualifying patients. This is due primarily because physicians must successfully complete a 2-hour course and examination offered by the Florida Medical Association or the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association before being certified.


Content updated July 19, 2018.