Open a Dispensary in Alaska

Summary of Marijuana Laws

In 2014, Alaskan voters approved Ballot Measure 2, now known as AS 17.38, directing the Marijuana Control Board to regulate commercial marijuana establishments. With the measure, Alaska became the first state to authorize the adult use of marijuana without first creating regulated sales of medical marijuana. Only Alaskan residents may apply for marijuana business licenses. The first licensed Alaska marijuana businesses were authorized to begin operations in 2016.


Alaska continues to accept applications for marijuana businesses on a rolling basis. All applications are premises based so prospective applicants should begin by securing appropriate property.


Eleven months into FY 2018, Alaska had received $9.9 million in tax revenue from the marijuana industry, based on wholesale cultivation taxes paid for 1,188 pounds of flower and 958 pounds of trim.


Alaska’s marijuana industry includes six types of marijuana establishment licenses:


  • Retail Marijuana Store
  • Standard Cultivation Facility
  • Limited Cultivation Facility
  • Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facility
  • Marijuana Concentrate Manufacturing Facility
  • Testing Facility


Content updated July 20, 2018.