Working with Green Rush Consulting

About Green Rush Consulting

Green Rush Consulting ® offers comprehensive regulatory and business solutions to help entrepreneurs navigate through the complexities of the emerging legal cannabis industry.


GRC was founded in 2011 with the goal of fostering an aboveground cannabis industry. We believe a professional marketplace will ultimately decrease underground competition, improve the image of cannabis in society, and provide greater access to quality medicine for patients. We cultivate connections and business plans that benefit from the reliability and standards of regulated processes.


Based in Oakland, CA, the epicenter of the industry, our commitment to the local community has been instrumental in building our extensive cannabis network. This industry is rooted in activism, a fact that continues to inform our business even as cannabis becomes mainstream. We are guided by our core values of Integrity, Innovation, Stewardship, Diversity, and Unity.


Green Rush Consulting is a proud member of California NORML (CA NORML) and the California Growers Association (CGA).


Green Rush Consulting proudly supports Minorities for Medical Marijuana (MFMM), Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), Women Grow, and was a Founding Sponsor for The Hood Incubator.


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Founder and CEO Zeta Ceti participated in the first Oakland process in 2010, paving the way for the company’s launch the following year. GRC is one of the first consulting companies in the industry, backed by over two decades of practical experience in cannabis cultivation, manufacturing/processing and dispensary operations. Our team of industry experts, regulatory analysts, business professionals, JDs, PhDs, MBAs, writers and researchers represent more than 100 years’ collective experience in cannabis. They’re also advocates who are deeply passionate and active in the Bay Area’s cannabis community. We have a proven track record of securing cannabis permits and licenses for clients across states with a wide array of regulatory and business environments, including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Washington D.C. and Washington State.


The growing cannabis industry means a wealth of new opportunities for both patients and entrepreneurs, and Green Rush Consulting is ready to help you get involved.

What it’s like to work with us

Green Rush Consulting
Working with the team at Green Rush was the least stressful and most professional license application process I've experienced. Communication was seamless and consistent, and the team kept everyone on track at all times. Between weekly calls, detailed agendas, individualized task lists, and deadline calendars, I always knew what was happening and what needed to be happening. The work itself was exemplary - our project manager took the information we provided and crafted incredibly well written narratives that brought our visions to life. It was a pleasure working with Green Rush, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Green Rush Consulting
I worked with Green Rush Consulting on my first cannabis license application. Our project manager was very professional, providing plenty of time and multiple opportunities to review and respond to content. She communicated clearly and consistently, with regular meetings, agendas, and meeting notes that made me feel confident that she had everything capably in hand throughout the project. I felt like she was dedicated to our project every day of the week. The final product is polished and professional. I feel confident that Green Rush not only presented our project in the best possible light, but also gave us the advice necessary to strengthen our application across the board. It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

Green Rush Consulting
I had a great experience working with GRC. GRC's team members had all the expertise we needed to resolve every question that came up. I received a lot of support analyzing regulations and application information. Their team worked cohesively with ours to resolve any issues we came across and had incredible resources in every subject matter we needed. Lauren and Dr. Tom gave substantiated reasons and strategies to any hurdle we needed to overcome, and the project manager Jessica’s organizational skills are remarkable. There were an overwhelming number of moving parts in this process, and Jessica “owned” every aspect of the job, keeping the process flowing without last minute emergencies.

My partners and I agree that GRC gave us the ability to execute a superior application that we delivered early to the state.

Green Rush Consulting
We enjoyed working with Green Rush Consulting. We have used them on several occasions and find that they are professional, knowledgeable and quick. We found their project management on our applications to be a necessity in navigating and properly completing a winning application.

Green Rush Consulting
Upon application completion:
"Thank you for the impressive application. If we don’t get awarded a license, it won’t be because of the presentation your company has provided. I have nothing but great things to say about Green Rush."

Upon receiving license pre-approval:
"I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work last year. Obviously, we wouldn't have won the pre-approval without you two. As I told my partner last year and Zeta last Friday, I knew from the moment that I saw the completed application that we were going to be awarded a license. You guys are absolutely amazing. And it is no surprise that you went 6 for 6. Your final product was obviously superior, but, it seems it was over the top and left the competition in the dust. You should be extremely proud of your accomplishment."

Green Rush Consulting
"As an entrepreneur, I see a tremendous amount of opportunity for women in the medical cannabis industry as future business owners and leaders of the community. Green Rush Consulting is helping to make this happen. Not only have they (GRC) been wonderful addressing each of my industry-related concerns, but they have also done an excellent job making me feel like part of the team. I highly recommend their services."

Green Rush Consulting
“We’ve worked with Green Rush’s talented and dedicated team on a number of projects in Humboldt County. Not only do they deliver amazing results, but their work reflects the community-based values that we hold dear. If you’re looking for help with a licensing or compliance process, I recommend working with Green Rush.”