Cannabis Is Community: Profile of Terryn Buxton

September 28, 2016 | G Takagawa



  • Co-Chair of OAKDECC (The Oakland Diversity and Equity Cannabis Coalition)


  • Works with Oakland Extracts & Operation Evac


A few months ago, the East Bay Cannabis Community First Friday events launched a new initiative to share the love for our community.

Each month, we showcase three groups:


1. A local charity from outside the cannabis space. This allows us to broaden our outreach efforts and demonstrate to everyone that our cannabis community cares.
2. A cannabis advocate. We have many passion projects, and many ways of fighting against prohibition and its countless negative impacts. Creating this space allows us all to broaden our contribution.


3. A local cannabis industry member. This allows us to learn more about the innovative business models and individuals who are changing lives through their approach to cannabis.


Terryn Buxton was one of the individuals we highlighted through this initiative, and I am thrilled that he agreed to allow me to share some of his story in this second forum.


Terryn Buxton speaks at the First Friday Cannabis Social in August 2016


Terryn is an Oakland native, born and raised. That one fact infuses all of his contributions because he deeply cares not only about access to cannabis, but also about how the rollout of regulations impacts his community.


As a member of Oakland’s community, Terryn became involved in the conversations at City Hall about Measure Z clubs. He spoke passionately, and ultimately was appointed to what is now the Oakland Cannabis Regulatory Commission.


“Once I realized that your voice could be heard, I became involved to ensure that cannabis regulations supported Oakland as a community – that community interests took priority over business. The cannabis industry has all these well-meaning folks, but they’re not from here. As an Oakland native, I am invested in what is happening on the streets.”


With Oakland’s adoption of Desley Brooks’ equity provision and the creation of the new Equity Permit Program for Oakland cannabis business permits, Terryn joined an emboldened community to help create OAKDECC, the Oakland Diversity and Equity Cannabis Coalition.


The group formed in part as a response to Council Member Brooks’ challenge that the cannabis community and regulators have not pushed enough to ensure equitable access for victims of the drug war who want to join the industry. It held its first membership meeting on September 22, and is poised to make a major impact in blazing the trail for Oakland residents to step up as entrepreneurs, employees, and participants in the growing Oakland cannabis industry.


Terryn also works with businesses in the cannabis industry directly. He’s been involved with Oakland Extracts, a local concentrates company that works with local small farmers. He also helped Ryan Miller, a former Marine, to launch Operation Evac. This organization (pending 501(c)(19) status) offers support groups for veterans in the Bay Area, along with facilitating veterans to become self-sufficient through roles in the cannabis industry.


Internally at GRC this month, we have been talking about how #CannabisIsCommitment. Committing to the values that have shaped cannabis advocacy. Committing to the community you are in, and showing up in political forums to represent the cannabis industry. Committing to creating a cannabis industry that best serves patients and entrepreneurs.


Terryn showcases the #CannabisIsCommitment approach to this industry and our East Bay community.

Green Rush Consulting Offers Pennsylvania Cannabis Entrepreneurs Private Consultations in Philadelphia

September 8, 2016 | Chris Jones

As Pennsylvania prepares to open up the application process for medical cannabis licenses, entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the industry need to start making plans now.


Green Rush Consulting (GRC) is offering individuals who want to gain a better understanding of Pennsylvania's competitive application process the opportunity to book a private consultation this month in Philadelphia. GRC co-founders Zeta Ceti and Sarah Cross will be available for consultations on September 23rd, 24th, and 25th to provide key strategic advice on the application process, and answer questions on how to best prepare for it.


"Pennsylvania will be an excellent market to set up a medical cannabis business. The state is allowing for a large number of licenses and we expect a robust patient population," says Ceti.


The Pennsylvania medical cannabis applications are expected to be released in December, with a deadline in January 2017. Because of the high number of patient qualifying conditions the state is allowing, Pennsylvania is expected to be one of the biggest medical cannabis markets on the East Coast.


GRC has a seasoned team of industry professionals with extensive experience developing applications for medical cannabis licenses, and recently helped clients in Maryland secure two cannabis manufacturing licenses.


"We have worked with clients in states across the U.S. over the last decade, and we have a unique insight and understanding on what it takes to win," says Ceti. "In our experience, early preparation and detailed project planning are key components to success."


Pennsylvania will award 25 grower/processor licenses, five of which will allow holders to open up to three dispensaries each, and 50 dispensing licenses, which also permit up to three dispensaries each.


Interested parties should reserve their space in advance for these exclusive and informative consultations to be held in downtown Philadelphia. Consultations include a one-hour meeting with Ceti and Cross, who will provide an overview of the Pennsylvania licensing opportunities and strategies for success.


Individuals who book a consultation in Philadelphia can also take advantage of GRC's earlybird discount on a state license application.


GRC recently opened an East Bay cannabis community center in its home base of Oakland, and a percentage of every consultation sale will go towards the center, and supporting individuals impacted by the War on Drugs.


Book your consultation by calling Green Rush at 510-479-7327 or by emailing


Green Rush Consulting, LLC is a cannabis consulting firm with more than 10 years of experience in the medical cannabis industry, and has helped entrepreneurial groups win cultivation and dispensary licenses in Arizona, California, Connecticut,Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington D.C., and most recently the first manufacturing licenses in Maryland.