Thanks for Saying High!

February 22, 2016 | J Stebner


Thank you to everyone who joined us at the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in San Francisco last weekend! What a gift to spend the weekend with old and new friends and expand and refine our knowledge of the plant we love.



Our CEO Zeta Ceti closed the conference as a speaker on the Entrepreneur Panel, sharing his vision for a value-driven industry. Zeta outlined some of his innovative business strategies for keeping our burgeoning industry sustainable and successful.


Among all the other panels and conversations, the panel on the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA - a proposed California ballot initiative), moderated by Debbie Goldsberry, really stood out. Chris Conrad, Amanda Reiman and Sunshine Lencho dug into AUMA's nitty gritty details, including serious social and criminal justice critiques. They also outlined some of the challenges ahead as state and local regulations shift. There was a timely discussion on safeguards against monopolization within the cannabis industry, and a call to prioritize and use tax dollars to support redevelopment for communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs.


Later on during the Cannabis Around the World panel Arjan Roskam reminded us not to become complacent. In Holland, progressive policies have become repressive as demographics and political power shifts, creating a more hostile and restrictive environment for the cannabis industry.


Have you enjoyed a cannabis cup or social event?


What would the cannabis community be without our myriad of community building events?


At Green Rush Consulting we understand the need for some decompression time. We host a fantabulous First Friday cannabis social club to gather our community, trade stories and discuss the challenges of building a business in the changing landscape that is the cannabis industry.


Under MMRSA, social events would not be allowed. Proposed bill AB 1575, which would clarify and clean up the MMRSA, includes an event license. But law enforcement pushback means it will likely be removed from the bill.


Help support continued social events for the cannabis industry: talk to your legislator about how events are important to you, or reach out to Green Rush Consulting so that we can share your story too.

Progress Report: AB 21 – Sacramento repealed the March 1st deadline for local jurisdictions - but most bans remain in place. Now is the time to meet your local legislators and be part of crafting sensible cannabis policies for your communities.


Upcoming Events


Eureka, California: GRC Founder and CEO Zeta Ceti will be speaking on an expert panel discussing tax and legal issues as they affect your Cannabis business. This is a FREE event.
Monday, February 22, 9am-Noon at the Wharfinger Building – 1 Marina in Eureka

California Cannabis Business Expo/Marijuana Investor Summit, March 3-5
GRC is sponsoring this year's California Cannabis Business Expo! Use discount code "GRC" for 10% off your ticket.