August 27, 2015


Marion, Illinois, 8/26/2015


The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation processed the registration and conducted a thorough inspection, before announcing the news Tuesday.


CEO Cameron Lehman and co-founder Michelle Koo, an intrepid mother-son team from St. Louis, are the drivers behind “Harbory,” the historic first dispensary in the state of Illinois. Located in the city of Marion, this now-registered dispensary marks a massive first milestone toward legally selling cannabis and cannabis-based products for medical use.


Little over a year ago, Lehman and Koo with husband-wife team, Zeta Ceti and Sarah Cross, of Green Rush Consulting (GRC), a medical cannabis consulting firm based in Oakland, CA. GRC’s diverse team of industry professionals crafted the comprehensive application that succeeded in being awarded a dispensary license in one of the most competitive states yet.


GRC’s CEO Zeta Ceti explains:
“The Illinois medical cannabis program was touted as the strictest program in the nation. I am very proud of our team and the Harbory group for its cooperative success with us in the licensing process and being the very first registered dispensary in the entire state. We expect Harbory to do extremely well in serving the needs of the medical cannabis patients in Illinois.”


GRC Co-Founder Sarah Cross adds:
“This is a huge accomplishment for the movement and a sign we’re on the right path. The power of cannabis goes far beyond the patients – it touches on building communities through social and economic empowerment. I’m excited for the people of Illinois – this is historical, and something I will proudly share with our grandchildren.”


For GRC, this is a milestone in the long and challenging road to providing patient access to medical cannabis. The firm has a history of application success in states across the country, and shows no signs of resting on their laurels. GRC experts are currently crafting competitive applications for Maryland’s coming market, while keeping an eye on prospects for the future.


“We are lucky to be in Oakland, where there’s a deep wealth of wisdom and experience in the cannabis world,” says Zeta. “It’s time to share this wealth with states learning to develop their processes.”


Green Rush Consulting is based in Oakland, CA. GRC experts assist individuals and groups through the complicated application process by working intimately creating comprehensive robust community-focused applications.


Zeta Ceti comes from 18 years of cultivation and six years working in the legal market helping to build cannabis-based businesses. Mr. Ceti and Mrs. Cross founded Green Rush Consulting in 2012 with the goal of bridging the many gaps that exist within the Cannabis Industry.

Green Rush Face Lift

August 20, 2015

We love the clean slick look and how it conveys our drive to push the boundaries of the cannabis industry. Our goal is to legitimize and normalize our businesses.


We hope you like our new logo as much as we do!

Maryland Commission Voting Session Summary

August 19, 2015



Maryland’s Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission voted on final regulations on August 19, with official publication coming up in the September 14th Maryland Register. The request for applications (RFA) will follow shortly thereafter. Applicants will then have a window of 45 days to turn in their completed applications.


After developing applications in several other states, we know this is a very short amount of time. We are encouraging groups to have the majority of their applications completed even before the RFA is released. Interested in benefiting more from our knowledge? Give us a call, or order a copy of our Maryland Market Analysis.


A link to a summary from the commission meeting held Wednesday, August 19th can be found here.