Open a Dispensary in Pennsylvania

Summary of Marijuana Laws

The application period is currently closed.
In 2017, the Commonwealth intends to award permits for the following:
12 Grower/Processor licenses
27 Dispensary licenses
These will be geographically distributed, as described by the Department of Health here. The Department of Health specifically stated that it would not authorize any vertically integrated operations during this phase of licensing.
The following permits are authorized under SB 3; the program may be expanded to include up to this number of permits at a later date:
Up to 25 Grower/Processor permits (combined permit) – potentially more in the future
Up to 50 medical cannabis dispensary permits – permittees shall be geographically dispersed, but each license may have up to three locations
Up to 5 entities (included in the above) with both grower/processor and dispensary permits
Up to 8 Clinical Registrants, (separate from the above) with both grower/processor and dispensary permits AND who have an affiliation with an academic clinical research center – each of these entities may dispense at up to 6 locations
Smoking medical cannabis will not be permitted.
Medical cannabis-infused edible products will not be permitted for sale.
Vaporization is only permitted for cancer, seizure, or post-traumatic stress disorder, and only when specifically indicated as necessary for the delivery of medical cannabis by a physician.