Open a Dispensary in Florida

Summary of Marijuana Laws

With the passing of Amendment 2, Florida becomes the 26th state in the Nation to adopt a medical cannabis program that includes whole-plant remedies, THC included.

Voters in Florida approved Amendment 2 with over 70% of the vote, amending the State constitution to allow qualifying medical patients to possess, obtain and use strains of medical cannabis that are potent in THC. Previous state law restricted the use of strains of medical cannabis containing THC to qualifying patients that were terminally ill.
Under Amendment 2, the Department of Health will have six months to promulgate licensure standards for Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. Although Amendment 2 has yet to take effect, you can expect the Department of Health to release a full set of standards and regulations by July 3, 2017. The State has yet to determine whether or not Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers must operate as a non-profit entity, or will be allowed to operate on a for-profit business model.