Open a Dispensary in Arkansas

Summary of Marijuana Laws

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, or Issue 6, passed 53% as an initiated constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana sales. Cultivation facility agents and dispensary agents shall register with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division. A Medical Marijuana Commission was created to determine the qualifications for receiving a license to operate a dispensary or a license to operate a cultivation facility and the awarding of licenses.
Under this proposed amendment there are no prohibitions on a city, incorporated town, or county of Arkansas from enacting reasonable zoning regulations applicable to dispensaries or cultivation facilities. However, this section does not allow a city, incorporated town, or county to prohibit the operation of any dispensaries or cultivation facilities in the city, incorporated town, or county unless such a prohibition is approved at an election.
In the 2017 legislative session, Arkansas elected officials passed HB 1400 (now Act 740), modifying the Amendment. HB 1400 restricts the smoking of medical marijuana.